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The new curriculum represents continuity and change, challenge and opportunity. Pupils will
be taught the principles of information and computation both through discreet lessons in EYFS and in the classroom during cross-curricular activities throughout KS1. Children will begin to learn how digital systems work and how to put this knowledge to use through
The new ‘computing’ curriculum also aims to ensure that pupils become digitally literate at a level suitable for the future workplace.
Pupils will begin to understand and apply principles and concepts of computer science including logic, algorithms and data representation. They will learn to analyse problems in a variety of contexts and evaluate and apply information technology. Our aim is for the children to become competent, confident and creative users of information and communication technology.
Pupils will be taught to:

  • understand what algorithms are; how they are implemented as programs on digital devices; and that programs execute by following precise instructions
  • create and debug simple programs
  • use logical reasoning to predict the behaviour of simple programs
  • use technology purposefully to create, organise, store, manipulate and retrieve digital content
  • recognise common uses of information technology beyond school
  • use technology safely and respectfully, keeping personal information private; identify where to go for help and support when they have concerns about content or contact on the internet or other online technologies.

Every class is well resourced with computers, battery-powered floor robots and cameras. We have interactive whiteboards and projectors in every classroom.
Children are given a range of tasks to support learning through the use of computers and other digital equipment including laptops, iPads and DSi’s. They develop good keyboard skills and can use computers regularly to support their learning in all subjects.
They use computers to write, make pictures and develop graphs. They also use PowerPoint
to make presentations, explore the internet and send e-mails. All children at Spinning Infants
are taught Internet Safety which is reinforced throughout their primary school career.
This year, the children will begin to access the education based Google platform, a learning
environment which will enable them to develop and collaborate on documents, design websites, ‘hang-out’ with pupils from other schools via video link under the safe guidance of a teacher and so much more.

On Safer Internet Day, Cherry class had a 'hangout' with another Elliot Foundation school in London. We were able to play a game with each other, guessing animals from clues, and talk about how safe we were as we had adults looking after us while we were online.

Controlling a Beebot

Bee-Bot is a programmable floor robot, used for teaching control and programming to young children.  Once the children have mastered the relevant vocabulary and basics of the controls they develop their skills by entering commands into Bee-Bot to make it navigate a route on fun mats designed specifically for floor robots.  Children are also able to answer questions using directional language.



The link below will help you become budding young programmers.  Click and see how far you get. Don't forget, start at the beginning and work your way through to help you learn each new code as you go...