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At Ramsey Spinning Infant School, we strive for all children to develop a love of reading and to be confident in communicating their ideas through Speaking and Listening and Writing.
By the end of Year 2 it is our intention that every child should:

  • Apply phonic knowledge in reading and spelling.
  • Have a love of books and reading.
  • Communicate effectively using speech and language and make appropriate responses through active listening.
  • Read and write with confidence.

English is a core subject which is taught daily throughout the school. Children follow the Early Years Framework in the Foundation Stage. However, teachers in KS1 follow the National Curriculum and ensure that children have opportunities to develop speaking and listening skills, comprehension through reading and analysing texts and writing across all areas of the curriculum. Spelling patterns/phonics, grammar and handwriting are also taught as part of the new National Curriculum for 2014.
Phonics is taught daily to develop children's understanding of letter sounds and spelling patterns to support their skills in reading and writing. Near the end of Year 1 children have a Phonics Test.
Results are sent to the Government and reported to parents in the July Annual Report.

Children are introduced and encouraged to use a range of different writing styles through a range of purposeful activities across all curriculum areas; for example: poems, stories, lists, captions, letters, invitations, explanations, and much more. Children are taught within guided reading and writing groups as well as a whole class and independently.
We aim to develop within the children an enjoyment of books, fiction, non-fiction and poetry, and to enable them to read confidently with pleasure and to find information. Parents are encouraged to help their child read at home.

KS1 Reading & Phonics Schemes 

We use Letters and Sounds when planning our phonics and this is supported by aspects of Jolly Phonics e.g pictorial 

We do not have a specific reading scheme.  All our books are book banded and include Oxford Reading TreeSongbird Phonics, Project XCollins Big Cat and many more including non-reading scheme books which are also book banded.Reading Comprehension is an important skill when learning to read.

Reading domains are taught using The Canine Gang:

Victor Vocabulary, Rex Retriever, Sequencing Suzi, Inference Iggy and Predicting Pip.