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Late/Absence Procedures


We expect children to arrive for school on time every day. Gates/doors open at 8.30am and
children can come straight to class.  The school day starts at 8.40am
Registration closes at 8.55am. Pupils arriving after 8.55am will be given a late mark. Pupils
arriving after 9:00am will be given a late mark unless there is an acceptable reason 

At 8.40am doors and gated access to the playgrounds are locked for children’s safety and
access can only be gained through the front entrance on the High Street.


Absence procedures

Government guidelines require schools to record lateness and absence. All absence
from school must be explained. Please ensure that any absence is for a valid reason.
Cases of persistent or unexplained absence or lateness will be checked by the
Education Welfare Officer and Executive Principal.

All absences from school must be explained, either by letter or a telephone call.
The school is then obliged to consider them and report them as ‘authorised’ or
‘unauthorised’.  You must ring school before 9:30 on each day of illness. 

Ring the school office on 01487 813587 ext 1 and leave a message on the absence answerphone.  This is checked regularly by the office staff. 

If you do not report your child's absence then it will be recorded as unauthorised.

Authorised absences are those which are for medical reasons or for exceptional
circumstances such as family bereavement or religious observance days.

Please ask to view a copy of the Elliot Foundation Attendance Policy for further details.
Or visit:

We hope that families will take holidays during the school breaks. A holiday request must be made to the Executive Principal in person and then a specific form completed.  Holidays or leave of absence will not be granted in term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. Only a maximum of 10 days will be allowed in these exceptional cases.