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Phonics at Ramsey Spinning Infants

Teaching of structured phonics is ‘helpful for all children, harmful for none and crucial for some.’
(Snow C.E and Juel C, 2005. The science of reading)

At Ramsey Spinning we teach our phonics curriculum through a mixture of Jolly phonics and the Letters and Sounds scheme.
To find out more about these schemes of learning please follow the links below:


Table of phonics terminology                                                                                              


The smallest unit of sound in a word e.g. b or ch. (These are represented as graphemes in writing)


The written representation of a phoneme.


A grapheme made up of 2 letters making one sound. (e.g. ch)


A grapheme made up of 3 letters making one sound. (e.g. igh)

Split digraph

A digraph which is split between a constant (e.g. a-e in make) this usually changes the sound of the first vowel.


A skill used to read. Being able to put the phonemes in a word together in order to read it.


A skill used to write. Being able to break up a word into its phonemes and understanding the graphemes needed to represent this.

Pseudo words

Made up words/ alien words



Sounds taught within each phase



The following resources have been created to enable you to support your children with their phonics learning at home. The resources will allow you to see the correct pronunciation of each sound and the actions we use to support our teaching.
Within the phase 2 video you will also hear the tune we sing all of our phonics songs to. Please use this same tune when practising any of the phonics songs.

Example of the Phonics Songs tune

Still image for this video

Phase 2 sounds and actions

Phase 3 sounds and actions

Phase 5 sounds and actions

The words to our phonics songs can be found below:


Useful links to support phonics learning at home: - Online books to support blending. - Interactive phonics games - Interactive game - Additional learning videos - Interactive games.