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Year 1

Afternoon Tea (Maple Class)

This half term our topic is 'Travelling around the UK'. Each week we are looking at traditions from each country. This week we learnt all about traditional English food and held our own afternoon tea for our grown ups to enjoy with us. We created menu's in our literacy lesson and thoroughly enjoyed sharing the yummy treats!

World Book Day 2020 (Maple Class)

World book day fun included a parade (to show off our super outfits), a teacher story swap, designing book covers, making bookmarks, writing stories, creating guess who booklets and a whole afternoon of book themed crafts.

Pancake Day (Maple Class)

We had a brilliant pancake afternoon! Designing, creating and best of all eating delicious pancakes with our grown ups :) 

Grandparents (Apple Class)

For our Toys topic we invited our Grandparents into school. They showed us and talked to us about the different toys they played with when they were little.

Christmas party (Apple Class)

We had a great time at our Christmas party. We played musical statues and pass the parcel. We enjoyed our Christmas buffet and were very excited when a special visitor came and gave us an early Christmas gift.

Pasta treat apparatus and soft play (Apple Class)

At Ramsey Spinning Infant School we are given pasta for doing good work and showing good behaviour. Each term we can use the pasta to vote on a treat. The treat with the most pasta in the Autumn term was the apparatus and soft play. We had lots of fun climbing the apparatus, testing our perserverance and pushing ourselves to try new things.

The Christmas Recipe Christmas Play (Apple Class)

Apple Class really enjoyed learning the songs and dance routines for our Christmas play. Whatever you do don't forget the donkey!

Jackson Pollock (Apple Class)

We have been learning about the expressionist artist Jackson Pollock. We explored the different painting techniques he used. We created our own piece of artwork in the style of Jackson Pollock. 

Prince and Princess Day (Apple Class)

Year 1 dressed up as Princesses' and Princes' for our Once Upon a Time topic. We retold the traditional tale of Cinderella, carved our own pumpkin coaches, made our own crowns and learnt a royal dance. 

Design and Technology Puppets (Apple Class)

We explored different types of puppets. We voted on which was our favourite type of puppet. The most popular was the hand puppet. We designed, created and evaluated our own hand puppets.

Our School and where we live (Maple Class)

This term we are learning all about 'Our school and where we live.' To begin the topic we went on a walk around Ramsey and learnt lots of interesting new facts. Later in the topic we will be looking at the surrounding villages and creating maps to showcase our learning. 

Jackson Pollock inspired artwork (Maple Class)

This term we have been learning about the artist Jackson Pollock. We have explored different tools and techniques in the style of Pollock and used these skills to create our final piece inspired by Pollock's splatter art. 

Prince and Princess day (Maple Class)

To begin our 'Once upon a time' topic we held a prince and princesses day linked to Cinderella. The children enjoyed dressing up in their best 'royal' outfit for a day of dancing, pumpkin carridge making, crown creating and royal biscuit decorating. 

Sewing our puppets (Maple Class)

During our 'Toys' topic we were able to design and create our own puppets. We showed excellent determination, concentration and persistence which we know are very important skills to have. We were all very proud of our finished puppets.

Our Time Travelling Toys topic (Maple Class)

We really enjoyed looking at toys from the past and learning about the differences between old and new toys. We particularly enjoyed our Grandparents visit where we were able to explore some of the toys that our Grandparents played with when they were children and our trip to Ramsey Rural Museum.